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Kristen Carlosh

Kristen A. Carlosh is a professional School and Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a doctoral student of the Counselor Education program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She has a  passion for educating others about mental health and removing the stigma surrounding mental health and mental health services. Starting the Fall 2019 semester, she begins a position as the Wellness Counselor for the University of Tennessee College of Law. She serves the Upsilon Theta Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota as one of two professional development chairs. Kristen has served as a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Trainer for Covenant Health System’s Peninsula Hospital where she also was employed as an individual, family, and psycho-educational group therapist. While there, she became a leader in educating hospital staff on the effects of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and self-care. As a counselor, she uses an eclectic mix of therapeutic interventions, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Voice Dialogue and Internal Family Systems Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Cognitive/Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. An advocate for underserved populations, Kristen has worked in research for over 15 years to bring resources, education, and awareness for a number of health and mental health factors to rural and urban Tennesseans. As a survivor of childhood trauma, she works tirelessly to demystify trauma and trauma recovery, as well as educate others on recognizing signs of abuse and locating resources. Naturally curious and artistic, with a philosophical nature, Kristen uses her real-life experiences along with well-researched evidence to help others understand the complexities of the mind and our relationships with the world around us. She lives in Knoxville, with the youngest of her two children and her partner, as well as a little yellow dog, Charlie, and a little black cat, Midnight. She travels, cooks, paints, reads mysteries, and listens to old-school punk and classic jazz. Kristen is available for individual, small group, and large psych-ed group counseling sessions.